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How do I request a new F Drive (Department Share) folder?
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Folders on the F: drive are organized in a multi-level structure. This tutorial will explain basic F: drive folder structure and how to request and create new folders on the F: drive.

Folder Structure

First Level: Every department has a main folder at the root of the F: drive, such as F:/DepartmentName - Example: F:/Finance

Second Level: The second level is where new folder requests can be made. This will contain a folder name that supports its function. An example would be a "Accounting" folder for all accounting information - Example: F:/Finance/Accounting

How to Request a Folder

Only full time staff can request a new folder to be created.  Open a support request and include the following information:

  • Full path of new folder: (Example - F:/DepartmentName/NewFolder)
  • Owner of control group: (Example - jdoe)

What if I need to change the owner of the folder?

To request a change in folder ownership, open a support request. We will contact the new owner to confirm they wish to take over responsibilities and make the change.

If you have any further questions please contact IT.

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