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How do I use my desk phone?
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did we need new phones?

Our old system was 19 years old, was difficult to find replacement parts for,
and it also required that we maintain separate data and phone networks throughout the city.

The new system only requires a single network, and is maintained in house by Information Systems.
The new system also allows for much easier and less expensive exspansion and redundancy capabilities.

Caller ID on a transfer always shows my extention and not the Calling persons number.

The only way to get caller ID info on a transferred call is to transfer the caller as a blind transfer.
Otherwise the caller ID will only show the ID of the transferring user.

To do this, the transfer method is nearly the same, with the exception of having to press the
blind soft button before you enter in the extension you’re transferring to.

So the process would be Transfer – Blind – [Ext] – hangup.

Picking up a call via *8 doesn't show any caller ID info.

There is currently no way to provide caller ID when picking up a call via group pickup.

How do I put a person on Hold?

Push the Hold button on the phone. ;)

That's not what I mean - How do I put a person on hold, and then pickup the call at another phone?
- This was easy on our old phones.

The old phones could share single lines between multiple phones - that's what made that feature possible.
Our phones don't have a feature that matches that function, so we have to
"Park the call" and then pick up the parked call at another phone.

Call parking is as follows:
With the caller on the line, dial ##70 - listen for the attendant (will likely be 71) - Hang up.
(The call is now parked for 1 minute 30 seconds.)

At any other phone - pickup the handset, dial the number the attendant voiced to you; followed by Dial or Send.
71 - Send
(Send softkey on 550's - Dial button on 330s)

Can we change the ringtone on the phones?
It's hard to tell our phones ring apart from department X who works right next to us.

Yes - but the ringtone needs to be approved by the department head, and should not be any type of music or jingle that is copyrighted.
Once an approved ringtone is selected, Information Systems would need to install it on the phones.

Can these phones dial phone numbers saved in Outlook Contacts?

Yes - Information Systems would need to install a piece of software on your computer and configure it to communicate with your phone.

How can I check my voicemail from my computer?
(This does not work when using Outlook Web Access from home.)

If you're voicemailbox is configured to send you email notices when you recieve new Voicemails,
simply click on the hyperlink included in the email notice.


At the login page use your Voicemail mailbox number as your login
and your Voicemail mailbox password as your password.
Check the box for "Remember Password"


Once you're logged into the web interface for your Voicemail mailbox, you can play your voicemail through your PC speakers.


Also note that there is a settings option on the left, and is
useful for setting up call forwarding or disabling the voicemail email option.

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