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How do I reserve a conference room in Outlook for my meeting?
Last Updated 9 months ago

You may want to preview your preferred conference room's calendar to verify the date/time is available, prior to scheduling your meeting.

In Outlook's Home tab with Calendars selected, you may reserve a conference room following these steps:

  1. Select the New Meeting followed by New Meeting again on the Home ribbon
  2. Click the Rooms... button
  3. Select the name of Room(s)
  4. Click Rooms Button
  5. Click OK (The Room(s) you selected will now show in the To... and Location fields)
  6. Select a Start date and time
  7. Select an End date and time
  8. Click the To... button and select your invitees as Required or Optional (Resources will list the room(s) you selected previously)
  9. Enter a Subject
  10. Click send

If you do select a date/time for your preferred room that conflicts with another meeting already scheduled, you'll receive a Declined email from the room and will have to start over at step 1.

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